Air Conditioning

Azure Property Management­­work with one the most established air-conditioning companies in the South East of SpainTheir selected products are chosen for their reliability, warranty as well as cost considerations.

We can help you in a number of ways;

Air-conditioning Installations

A qualified engineer will meet with you to discuss your requirements; giving you honest advice and opinions on what you REALLY need. ­It will be clearly explained to you what the differences are in brands, reliability, noise, energy consumption and price.­

Prices for hot and cold units including IVA, installation­and minimum 3 years warranties start from:

2 BEDROOM PROPERTIES (1 x Lounge Unit, 2 x Bedroom Units)


­Grade A­from €1900

Samsung from €2400

Panasonic from €2600


Service & maintenance for installations

With many hundreds of units installed in the region, our suppliers employ service engineers to carry out all the scheduled maintenance work needed to uphold the manufacturers’ warranties all our customers hold.

With a service plan you will receive scheduled bi-annaul visits in March/April & October/November to ensure your investment is being cared for and that it will last a lifetime.

Checks will incorporate;

  • Visual inspection of external unit and removal of debris from fan / fin areas.
  • Checking of connections and pipes from the external unit.
  • Checking of working gas pressures to system.
  • Visual inspection and cleaning / replacement of all filters.
  • Checking Four Port Valve is functioning correctly
  • Checking connection of electrical components ensuring all fastenings and copper connections are secure.
  • Checking of operation - both cold & hot functions
  • Checking the refrigerant levels are correct
  • Antibacterial spray
  • Drip tray and drainage clean


*If a fault is detected that is covered by warranty the repair / fix will be immediate or as soon as physically possible. If parts need to be replaced that are not covered under warranty an invoice will be raised.

Service for existing installations

Customers with equipment not bought from or installed by our suppliers can have their equipment examined and a report submitted, or examined - quoted and repaired by our engineers. If you have a problem to be dealt with efficiently and promptly contact our service department here.

Air-conditioning Knowledge base - Inverter Technology....

Whats an Inverter?

An Inverter is a type of power conversion circuit that electronically regulates the voltage, current, and frequency of a device. In an inverter air conditioner, this circuit controls the revolutions of the compressor and hence the air conditioner’s output.­Raising the frequency increases the output, lowering the frequency reduces it.

In this way, inverter air conditioner’s provide much finer temperature control than non-inverter models.



Quick Comfort: As soon as an inverter air conditioner is switched on, it provides the exact amount of power needed to rapidly cool or heat the room. This enables it to reach the set temperature in about a quarter of the time required by non-inverter models. So you’re comfortable soon after you arrive home on a hot summer day, or cold winter morning.

Energy-Saving: For optimum use of limited energy resources, an inverter air conditioner features an inverter circuit providing extremely efficient operation. Improved heat exchanger and compressor performance, precise microcomputer control and other innovations further assure dramatically boosted efficiency. So even though you get speedy, flexible operation, you use less electricity.


Flexible Power Control: You’re always comfortable with an inverter air conditioner. After quickly reaching the set temperature, it finely adjusts output power to maintain a constant temperature. So there are no uncomfortable temperature swings, while electricity is used more efficiently. Broad output power capability also assures continued comfort even if the number of people in a room changes. And at maximum output, an inverter can deliver warm comfort even in the coldest winters.

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