Electrical Energy Savings

High Electricity Bills?

We Have The Solution!

Azure air-conditioning energy saving units – as well as helping to save the environment, you can also save up to 60% off your electricity bills. During the summer months, air-con is usually the last thing guests think of turning off when they leave your property, often they sit outside with the windows
and doors open, go to the pool, beach, shops, restaurants, and even to bed with the air-con left on, all of these result in very high electricity bills. This can be avoided – we have a simple tamper proof solution that allows guests to be in control of the temperature and, you in control of the bills.

Between April to September, the average electricity costs for a 2 bed apartment are approx €600, with our energy saving unit, you could save up to €360 over the 6 month period. If your air-condition units are combination and supply heating through the cooler months, then your savings could be even greater!


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