Pool Maintenance

If your villa has a ­swimming pool it is very important to keep the water at the correct chlorine & ­PH levels ensuring ­that it is crystal clear and safe to use at ­ALL­times.­ Although mainly used in the summer months, your swimming pool will need maintenance throughout the year.­ This is something that many property owners don't realise, but is very important to ensure that you or your guests are not greeted by a dirty pool and do not contract any infections or illness from using your pool.­ Azure Property Management­offer an annual pool maintenance contract that provides cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool.­ Benefits of this service are: -

  •  Weekly ­pool cleaning
  • Chlorine PH levels checked on every visit, & adjusted as required
  • Cleaning of floating debris, skimmers emptied
  • Vacuuming of pool floor to ensure a­crystal clear­swimming pool

Further details of the Pool Cleaning options are detailed below.

One-off Intensive Cleanse

If your pool has not been cleaned for a while it may be necessary to perform an initial intense cleanse prior to the introduction of regular cleaning.­ This will consist of an in-depth chlorination that ensures the proper disinfection of the water, cleaning of the bottom and sides of the pool and ensuring that the PH regulation is between the desired 7.2 and 7.6.­ Additionally, this treatment also has algaecide and flocculant to ensure the removal of algae and particles not removed by the filter.

It is recommended that after an intensive cleanse has been performed that a regular pool cleaning is implemented.

Regular Pool Cleaning

The regular maintenance of your pool will include the following:­

  • PH control - maintaining the correct level between 7.2 and 7.6
  • Maintaining the level of chlorine ensuring the proper elimination of organisms and keeping the water clean and clear.
  • Application of anti-algae to prevent slippery surfaces and green water
  • Use of flocculant to remove particles not collected by the sand filter and purifier
  • Regulation of the filtration system to ensure the water levels
  • Cleaning of the filter
  • Cleaning of the pre-filter pump and tray
  • Cleaning the skimming filter to remove larger debris
  • Vacuum cleaning the bottom of the pool

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