Pool Heaters & Covers

Azure Property Management­­ can supply you with the perfect accessories for your pool to help give you year-long round comfortable swimming.­ Not only is this fantastic for personal use if you live in Spain but it also opens up swimming to year-round renters of your property.

Pool heaters

Make more use of your pool. Our range of pool heaters will raise the water temperature by several degrees allowing you to enjoy your pool all year round.
Complete installation starts at 2.500 euros.

Salt systems

  • No more red eyes or irritated skin.
  • Disinfect your pool with salt and enjoy it without the necessity of daily cleaning.

Pool Covers and Rollers

We supply only ‘Daisy pool covers’ whose exclusive ultradome™ technology completely eliminates weak points and gives you a tougher cover – top and bottom.­The perfectly-formed ultradome™ bubble makes Daisy a stronger cover that will last longer.

  • Save up to 500­litres of water a month in an average pool.
  • Warm your pool – free – by up to 8ºC – giving you months more swimming time.
  • Help keep out leaves and dirt.
  • Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
  • Cut evaporation by 70%.
  • Overall you reduce pool heating costs.
  • Up to 5­years pro-rata warranty

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