Property Snagging

­re only identified once the utilities are connected and in constant use.­­

It is also recommended that once you have possession of the keys to your home that you have your Locks ChangedDuring the build and snagging, many different people will have had your keys­such as­utilities companies, external workmen and cleaners.­As peace of mind, especially after you have spent time and money furnishing your property, having your locks changed­is strongly advised to ensure only you and your property manager has keys.

Many people will complete the snagging process themselves as part of the journey of buying a second home overseas however, if you wish to be accompanied in this process to pick up issues you any now consider or, would like to appoint a company in a power of attorney manner to complete this for you – Look no further than APM

Azure Property­Management­can help turn you property into a home or a wonderful rental property.­ Prices for full a full snagging service start form 200€ through to completion and 2nd snagging, from 50€,­where we­ensure that all snagging points from the 1st visit are completed satisfactorily, giving you peace of mind that your property is being handed over in fine condition.

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