Equipment Hire

There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday home and realising that something you may take for granted at home is not available for your stay.­ As the majority of our clients have furnished their homes to a particular standard or to suit a type of clientele, they may not provide everything that some guests may need or expect.­

Azure Property Management can help you by providing some extra items listed below which can make all the difference - this is not a definitive list, so if you have any requests that are not detailed below please contact us for assistance.

Cots & Sleeping

  • Pine Cots from 25€ per week
  • Cot Beds from 30€ per week
  • Bumper & linen sets from 6€ per week
  • Bed guards from 10€ per week
  • Moses Baskets from 25€ per week
  • Travel Cots from 20€ per week
  • Z-beds from 28€ per week
  • Baby Monitor from 15€ per week

High Chairs & Feeding

  • High chairs from 15€ per week
  • Sterilizing unit (Microwave) from 15€ per week
  • Sterlizing unit (electric) from 18€ per week
  • Heinze and Cow & Gate baby foods from 2€ per jar
  • SMA and Cow & Gate Formula milk from 18€ per tub

Hygiene, Bathing, Nappies & Wipes

  • Changing mats & potties from 10€ per week
  • Baby baths & baby bath seats from 10€ per week
  • Huggies nappies from 15€ per pack
  • Pampers nappies from 15€per pack
  • Pampers baby wipes from 6€ per pack

Prams & Buggies

  • 2 in 1 pram from 35€ per week
  • 3 in 1 pram from 45€ per week
  • Stroller from 15€ per week
  • Layback buggy from 20€ per week
  • Double buggy from 35€ per week

Car Seats

  • Booster pad for cars from 12€ per week
  • Booster seat with back from 18€ per week
  • Rear Facing car seat (Group 0) from 20€ per week
  • Car seat (Group 1) from 20€ per week

Walkers & Bouncers

  • Baby door bouncer from 15€ per week
  • Baby indoor floor rocker from 15€ per week
  • Baby walker from 15€ per week

Toys & Safety Equipment

  • Play pen from 20€ perweek
  • Safety / stair gates from 15€ per week
  • Selection of baby and childrens toys (3mths-4yrs.) from 12€ per week
  • Trike from 12€ per week

Any other equipment hire can be requested and quotes provided.

For further information, please complete our enquiry form

Alternatively, if you are booking a property on-line, please put your requirements in the information box and we will email you prices.