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Our Company is based in the Murcia Region of Spain and is designed to meet the needs of our clients.­ We are fully legal and registered with the Spanish authorities, and as well as owning our own Polaris property on La Torre Golf Resort, we manage properties on other resorts including Las Terrazas de La Torre, Hacienda, El Valle.

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Our clients include a wide spectrum and come from many parts of Europe who have purchased a property on Polaris resorts.­ Some ­clients have bought property as a ­second home and need that ­cared for but, there is a growing number­ that are looking to ­realise the full potential of their investment by renting their property to family & friends or main stream holiday makers.

To help realise the potential of this opportunity for second home owners, there is a need for trustworthy and competent individuals to help with the Management of the property, this is where we are able to provide services which we pride ourselves on. The hospitality of a welcome pack and personal greeting for your rental clients to the option of pre-booking all that they need for an enjoyable and stress free holiday.­

We are able to offer many services to both property owners and their rental clients.­ When taking possession of your ­home in Spain, there are many things that you must consider.­ From the connection of your utilities to purchasing the ­furniture, soft furnishings, electrical­ goods­ and the finishing touches for your new property amongst others.

For your rental clients they need to be confident in knowing what they are getting from their holiday and the last few years have shown us that more than ever, this is the type of holiday the average family is looking for.­

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